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About Our Creative Design Agency

Orbit Design Agency has been providing a world-class experience to all its clients since the beginning of 2000. At Orbit Design Agency, our experts begin every project with thorough research and a well-planned strategy that guides our design and development process. With over 20 successful years in the digital business, our powerful process leaves no room for mistakes and errors. When it comes to custom designing, we have done it all!

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Our professional & creative design company caters to all branding solutions on a single platform. We are a one-stop solution that can help you create a marvelous website, drive traffic, and get in touch with your target audience effortlessly. Contact us today and get a chance to improve your online visibility and recognition now!



Effective Communication

Orbit Design Agency delivered and met our goals every time we had a new proposal. They are consistent in their work and deliver high-quality results always. Their effective communication makes them dependable partners.


Joe Ackles

Impressive Project Management

I am very impressed with Orbit Design Agency’s team of professional website creators. Their project manager personally overlooked the design and launch of my website. It’s so rare to find somebody so passionate about client happiness and satisfaction.


Tom Hanson

Great Task Accomplishments

It was a pleasure working with Orbit Design Agency. They are very responsible in their roles and were able to complete the tasks I asked for in just a few weeks. Highly recommended.


Ben Dawson

Expert Digital Marketing Team

I would highly recommend them for your business's digital marketing needs. They will help you overcome any problems related to your business sales


Gerald Green

Top Notch Digital Marketing Industries That Have Worked With Us

Enlisted below are some of the industries we’ve worked for:


Our Process


Project Analysis

Our team will gather all the necessary information about your work and values in order to create a website that truly depicts your vision and mission. We will take into account your services and products before creating a website to ensure the website is relevant to your work.


Team Assignment

You will be assigned with a relevant team for the creation of your creative design. We have industry renowned experts who excel in different fields. Thus, whether you belong to the medical industry or work in the engineering sector, our agents will assign a team accordingly.


Design Stage

The designing stage begins soon after your team is assigned. They will provide you with initial drafts and mock-up of the design to let you know what your design might look like by the end of the project. You can send us your feedback or get the design changed as per your requirements.


Design Finalization Stage

The design finalization stage is the culmination of the creative process, where meticulous attention is given to perfecting every aspect of the design. It involves refining concepts, incorporating feedback, creating prototypes, and conducting user testing. This stage focuses on fine-tuning visual aesthetics, typography, color palette, layout, and ensuring consistency and balance. It also involves making decisions about iconography, image selection, information architecture, usability, accessibility, and optimizing the overall user experience. The goal is to achieve a polished, cohesive design that effectively communicates the intended message and meets user needs.


Deployment And QA Stage

This phase involves translating the finalized design into the intended medium or format, such as coding a website, printing marketing materials, or developing a software interface. It may involve working closely with developers, programmers, or production teams to ensure that the design is accurately brought to life. This phase focuses on technical execution, quality assurance, and addressing any issues that arise during the implementation process. Once implementation is complete, the final product is ready for launch or distribution.



Handing the final design files to the customer marks the culmination of the design process. It involves providing the client with all the necessary digital assets, including source files, graphics, and documentation. Clear communication and organization are crucial to ensure a smooth handover, along with any accompanying guidelines or instructions for future use and maintenance. This step signifies the completion of the project and empowers the customer to take ownership of the design and utilize it according to their needs.

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Our services cater to solving all your branding problems, from digital marketing to website development. We are here to serve you.


Orbit Design Agency is making business processes smoother for big and small companies across the world. We provide various innovative solutions and cater to a wide scope of industries. Our website development services are one of their best in the digital world. Hire Orbit Design Agency for the following values:

Expert Support

Our team is available 24/7 offering you timely support and answering your queries immediately. Have you any questions or want an update on your project, or wish to remove or add a new feature, you can count on us for expert and timely support.


We don’t do shortcuts when designing and developing your website. The more challenging the project, the better we excel. Thus, one of the best things that Orbit Design Agency takes pride in is our integrity.


We consider your problems, our problems, and your values, our values. Thus, we are responsible for helping you overcome your professional hardships.


We make sure our process remains transparent to provide you with the highest quality of services online. Our project manager will guide you through all steps for better transparency.

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Build on Your Vision Today By Hiring Orbit Design Agency

Our team of designers has expertise in all sort of designing and has catered to more than 600+ clients over the years. Orbit Design Agency also provides commercial design services that simplify many internal and external processes for all business managers and their employees.


FAQs For Web Design Agency

Orbit Design Agency specializes in providing comprehensive digital branding and design services to businesses. We understand the importance of establishing a strong brand identity in the digital landscape. Our team of experienced designers and strategists works closely with clients to create unique and visually appealing designs that align with their brand values and goals. From logo design and website development to social media graphics and online advertising, we offer a wide range of services to enhance your brand presence and engage your target audience effectively.

When you choose Orbit Design Agency for your commercial design projects, you gain access to a team of skilled professionals who are passionate about creating captivating designs that leave a lasting impression. We combine creativity with strategic thinking to ensure that our designs not only look visually appealing but also effectively communicate your brand message. Our expertise in commercial design spans across various mediums, including print, digital, and outdoor advertising. By partnering with us, you can expect designs that enhance your brand visibility, attract customers, and drive business growth.

Orbit Design Agency approaches package design with a focus on creating compelling and impactful visuals that captivate consumers and reflect the essence of your product. Our design process starts with a thorough understanding of your target audience, market trends, and your brand positioning. We then translate this knowledge into innovative and visually stunning packaging designs that stand out on the shelves and resonate with your customers. Our team combines aesthetics, functionality, and strategic thinking to ensure that your packaging not only looks impressive but also effectively communicates the value and uniqueness of your product.

At Orbit Design Agency, we follow a meticulous process to develop a comprehensive digital branding strategy tailored to your business. We begin by conducting in-depth research and analysis to gain insights into your target audience, market trends, and competitors. Based on this information, we define your brand positioning, brand values, and key messages. We then create a visual identity that includes logo design, color palette, typography, and other brand elements. Our team also develops a content strategy, social media guidelines, and a cohesive brand narrative to ensure consistency across all digital platforms. The final result is a robust digital branding strategy that helps you connect with your audience, build brand loyalty, and achieve your business objectives.

Yes, Orbit Design Agency has extensive experience in assisting businesses with rebranding projects. We understand that rebranding is a crucial decision that requires careful planning and execution. Our team of branding experts has successfully guided numerous clients through the rebranding process, helping them redefine their brand identity and reconnect with their target audience. We bring a fresh perspective, creative thinking, and a strategic approach to rebranding projects, ensuring that the new brand accurately represents your business values and goals. Our track record of delivering successful rebranding initiatives, combined with our expertise in digital branding and design, sets us apart as a trusted partner in helping businesses thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Orbit Design Agency is situated in the US but offers its services worldwide. Thus, whether you are in the Middle East, in any part of Europe, or elsewhere, you can count on us for remote and unique web development services.

Orbit Design Agency enjoys a high rank in the digital industry due to our valued services. Clients choose us for all the right reasons, including but not limited to integrity, work transparency, excellent customer support, timely project deliveries, website maintenance, top-notch digital marketing, proven results, etc.

Call us or fill up the form on our website. Our agent will get in touch with you shortly. Our agent will summarize the process for you and let you know the packages we have that you could be interested in.

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