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While paid promotions cease to bring in the numbers when your investment dries up, local SEO Los Angeles is all organic. Once we set your brand up with high daily traffic and conversions, you are set for many years to come! Entrepreneurs with a strong business mind can easily point out which one is more profitable for the long term, and that's why there isn't a single online business in the world that does not utilize the tools and services provided by an SEO agency in Los Angeles. And with our professional SEO agency LA, you can achieve all your business goals in a matter of just a few months.

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The SEO Services Your Brand Needs to Beat the Competition


Ecommerce SEO

Ensure that your brand ranks high on the hot keywords related to your products and services with our SEO expert Los Angeles so that whenever your customers search for something you sell, they always land across your business name. Your daily web traffic and conversion rate will steadily increase with us by your side.



Need a hand to increase your brand's online presence and awareness so that other businesses can easily find you and purchase the products and services you offer? Then all you need is a few months of our local SEO services Los Angeles, and in just a few months, you will achieve all your sales goals.


Shopify SEO

If your Shopify store hasn't been able to generate the sales you predicted despite selling popular and in-demand products, then maybe you need to up your SEO game. And what better way to do this than hire a professional Los Angeles SEO consultant and find the best SEO strategy that works for your brand and business?


Lead Generation SEO

Finding it hard to find meaningful and valuable leads for your business? Lead generation can be an easy and streamlined process if you have professional SEO services helping you look in the right places using the right strategies. With us onboard your brand train, you will have all the leads you need to boost your business profits in no time.


Link Building

Businesses will find it hard to do everything by themselves. In the online world, it's hard to gather organic traffic using a single platform. That's where link building comes in. This method allows us to advertise your brand on other platforms with the relevant target audience and drive them back to your landing page.


Local SEO

Sometimes a business does not need a global reach but rather a strong local presence and awareness due to the nature of its products and services. Don't worry. Our local SEO services Los Angeles have you covered. Once our local SEO experts start working on your brand, you will be the first business that appears in local search results when the right keywords are keyed in.


Our 6-Step Process Leading to SEO Excellence

  • Free Professional Consultation

  • Website Analysis

  • Keyword Research & Web Optimization

  • SEO Friendly Content

  • Link Building Campaign

  • Result Reporting

  • We start by listening to your needs and requirements so that we can understand what your business goals are. This allows us to create result-driven SEO strategies that will perfectly fit your business situation. Once we understand your vision, we move on to the next step of our process.

  • Any SEO campaign should begin with a thorough website audit. To fully grasp where you are now, our Los Angeles SEO professionals comprehensively audit your website. We check out the menu arrangement, mobile friendliness, and performance. We employ various search engine optimization methods to analyze your website and determine the most important features for traffic and conversion rate boost.

  • Next, our experts use keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz to determine which will bring the most traffic and revenue for your brand. A well-optimized website is necessary to achieve a high ranking for the targeted keywords. Google only gives high rankings to results directly related to the user's search, which is why we update the on-page content with high-ranking keywords, meta title & description tags, and structured data.

  • Websites need interesting, well-optimized content to achieve a high ranking on SERPs. Google will gladly assign your page a high ranking for your target keyword if it contains valuable information for its users. Now it's time for our professional writers to create SEO-friendly content that is engaging and indexable by search engines. With our professional SEO help, your web pages will have search engine crawlers doing their work on your website in no time, and soon almost all of your targeted audience can easily find you on every search engine.

  • After preparing your website and optimizing it in every way possible, it's time to expose it to other popular platforms with your relevant target audience. Using the link-building strategy, our top Los Angeles SEO company will help your website increase its online awareness and reputation. By anchoring your brand name and website on different online platforms with high traffic, our Local SEO Los Angeles can pull some of it to your web pages and increase your daily traffic.

  • The difference between inaccurate and accurate reporting is that of the end results. We've designed our reporting structure so that you can easily see the results of our SEO work because we have nothing to hide. Our professional SEO Company Los Angeles CA, always use updated and real-time data from major platforms like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Ahrefs to create detailed reports about how we have helped your business achieve organic success.


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Result-Driven SEO Services That Solidify Your Success

When hiring a professional SEO agency in Los Angeles, you want nothing but the best for your brand. And if the best is what you seek, then you have come to the right place.


4 Ways We Offer Better SEO Services in Los Angeles Than Others

We Offer Tailored SEO

One thing we understand very well is that every business is different, every brand is different, and every client is different. No solution that perfectly worked for one client is guaranteed to yield the same results for another. That's why we always first learn and understand your business's SEO needs and requirements before creating a strategy to help it boost its organic traffic and reach. Hire our in-house SEO expert Los Angeles to experience what a fully custom SEO strategy, focused wholly on your business, can do for a company in just a few months time.

We Create Long Term Solutions

Unlike many other Local SEO Services Los Angeles companies in the market that focus on short-term SEO strategies to bring out the desired results, we work on a long-term basis. SEO isn't just about researching keywords and rankings. When done by experienced professionals, it's about creating a basic brand reputation and foundation that will support and enable business growth for many years to come. Our SEO approach is holistic, focusing on everything, from onsite and offsite to technical website auditing and user experience enhancements.

We Always Do Our Homework

Researching and understanding everything this is to know increases the chances of success. The same concept applies to Search Engine Optimization. In order to execute a successful SEO strategy, first, our Los Angeles SEO Consultant needs to gather accurate and valuable insights that answer important questions that tell us what your business needs to achieve organic success in the future. Only then can our professionals draft a result-driven SEO plan that perfectly complements your business operations.

We Do Weekly Reports

After spending multiple years in the industry and serving countless SEO clients, we know one thing you dislike the most. And that's slow and inaccurate result reporting. Do you know why agencies do this? That's because they don't have anything to show. But since that's not the case with us, you can expect detailed reports from our SEO experts every week that tell you what we did and how it has positively impacted your business.

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Effective Communication

Orbit Design Agency delivered and met our goals every time we had a new proposal. They are consistent in their work and deliver high-quality results always. Their effective communication makes them dependable partners.


Joe Ackles

Impressive Project Management

I am very impressed with Orbit Design Agency’s team of professional website creators. Their project manager personally overlooked the design and launch of my website. It’s so rare to find somebody so passionate about client happiness and satisfaction.


Tom Hanson

Great Task Accomplishments

It was a pleasure working with Orbit Design Agency. They are very responsible in their roles and were able to complete the tasks I asked for in just a few weeks. Highly recommended.


Ben Dawson

Expert Digital Marketing Team

I would highly recommend them for your business's digital marketing needs. They will help you overcome any problems related to your business sales


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Still Not Sure Who to Choose As Your SEO Consultant in LA?

Here's Why We Are the Best Choice for the Job

Proven Track Record

With our expertise and dedication, our SEO expert Los Angeles has the know-how to propel your business to new heights and create long-lasting organic traffic and success.

Experienced Team of SEO Experts

With years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving SEO landscape, our local SEO services Los Angeles can deliver what you need.

Customized Strategies

We believe that one size does not fit all. Our approach involves understanding your business, target audience, and industry nuances to deliver a unique SEO experience.

Around-the-Clock Support

We are committed to building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability by offering Los Angeles SEO consultant support when needed.

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The Missing Key to Secure Your #1 Ranking on Google

Everyone wants their brand to rank the highest on Google, but not every brand has the means to do so. Let's change that for you today with our SEO agency Los Angeles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO refers to optimizing a business's online presence to improve its visibility and rankings in local search results. It targets customers in a specific geographic area, such as a city or region. Local SEO strategies involve optimizing the business's website, creating and optimizing Google My Business listings, managing online reviews, and ensuring consistent business information across various online directories.

To optimize your local SEO, focus on optimizing your Google My Business listing, ensuring consistent NAP information, conducting local keyword research, encouraging online reviews, creating localized content, optimizing for mobile devices, building local backlinks, submitting to online directories, implementing schema markup, and engaging with the local community on social media. These practices will enhance your online visibility, attract local customers, and drive foot traffic to your business.

To create a Google My Business listing, follow these steps:
  • Visit the Google My Business website.
  • Sign in to your Google account or create a new one.
  • Enter your business name and address.
  • Choose the appropriate business category.
  • Add your phone number and website URL.
  • Verify your business through a verification process (typically via postcard or phone).
  • Optimize your listing by adding photos, business hours, descriptions, and other relevant details.
  • Regularly update and manage your listing to keep it accurate and engaging for potential customers.

The cost of local SEO services varies based on factors such as the extent of work, industry competitiveness, and provider expertise. It can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. Customized pricing is often offered based on individual business needs. To determine the specific cost for your business, you can always reach out to our SEO agency Los Angeles and get a quote today.

To generate positive online reviews, provide exceptional customer service, ask satisfied customers for reviews, simplify the review process, consider offering incentives, engage and respond to reviews promptly, leverage your website and social media to showcase reviews, follow review guidelines, and monitor and respond to feedback. By consistently delivering great experiences, actively seeking reviews, and engaging with customers, you can encourage positive online reviews that contribute to your business's reputation and attract more customers.

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